the Others

Spoiling the only 2 memorable movies I ever saw Nicole Kidman + Scarlett Johansson in

..for a good cause , I promise!


The films in question, just about summarise female existence in the world to me:

  1. The Others
  2. Girl with Pearl Earring


The 1st is a simple ghost story with a twist

…where the protagonist mum & children turn out to be the ghosts haunting the house they’re convinced they LIVE in.

^ Eponymous of 3.5 + billion of us, who slide thru this world , having no impact on its big * small structures

The former equates ear -piercing to = the grand, nasty intercourse , which forms the fabric of our lives {even for the few of us who manage to live around it}

And it’s Accurate indeed.

  • A young girl’s ear is poked thru to create a hole with a foreign object.
  • It aches &bleeds initially
  • Then another foreign object is inserted into the hole. with the intention of wearing it regularly for life. this objects is shiny, pretty & utterly conceals the ugly process of flesh mutilation
  • The hole must be used frequently enough to avoid the pain experienced @ the outset , from coming back
  • Pre-cautions must be taken to pursue earring wear:                                            New ones must be sanitised; Activities  where the hole can get torn or uncomfortable,   must not be undertaken;


This is either done to  females when they’re too young + powerless to protest


They do it to themselves slightly older, having been convinced that they want it


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