Neanderthals R us

Now that i’m in wacky theory mode: *check out my previous one; I’ve come with the biggest one of my existence. Luckily for me:

There is actual genetic evidence for Aspies* carrying Neanderthal DNA

I’ve been trying to crack the mystery of female autism since diagnosis 2 years back. Female ~ because the male version of it is so drastically different that it might as well be called a different condition.

It’s become increasingly evident to me that “autistics are quite simply allergic to modern society on a deep cellular level”. Think of it as an allergy: ovaried aspies are @ epi-pen level; while male ones are merely intolerant. This is because society itself is structured around male nature, so the doods have enough  privileged trade-offs to balance out their allergy. Aforementioned DOODs also possess a bunch of female carers to outsource their communication& exec. functioning to, so the poor dears never ought to carry, ya know,   the support beams their society rests on///

What can I say? Must be a real weight off their shoulders….!! Poor dears. Now where’re the sarcastic smilies when you need theM??

Both introverts and autistics are highly inconvienient to the Regime of the capitalist & generally male machine. You see – it’s damn hard to make us mindlessly buy things & follow social rules without question. WE’re also neurologically sensitive & therefore avoidant to man’s giant machine of White Noise ~ literally, as relentless industrial noise is akin to POW torture for the growing nos of ‘”noise-sensitive”. Worst of all  (darn it ! how dare we?!) – we haven’t entirely lost our bond with nature (*bottom of the necrophilic pyramid). We have just as, or often stronger , bonds with animals, plants & holistic everything, over homo sapiens.

We also rely on our internal world to enrich us: ~~ TOUGh to make someone, who gets her highs from a nice walk & pet cuddle, to run after the iPhone *whichever stupid no. they're up to* when the current one works perfectly fine. I'm @ my most peaceful + enjoyably stimulated when I'm as far away as I can get from it all in body & soul. Right now I'm listening to minimalist, atmospheric, profoundly un-pop music on radio; nocturnal energy & my own thoughts....and it's the most alive (bold) I've felt in ages -~..because those ages were filled up mens' getting thru mens'soul-destroying day-time labour camp routine. I did not consume, produce, reproduce, obey to arrive @ this wonderful state.*: I didn't consume any substances or music; and most certainly did not produce another human to add to the 7.7 billion we already sport. The material I'm producing here won't count as a Product under the system as its' Disobedience @ its' most insolent.

Before I discovered this striking connection of HFA to Neanderthal DNA: (link) , I had already arrived @ this conclusion in the same way that Galileo- Copernicus figured out the roundness of the Earth without a satellite __ by mathematical deduction.  Because if we aren’t pre-historic humans> what else can we possible be? The shoe fits ~~~does it not`? It certainly is for us XX aspies *(grunies), as everything points to us being Original, pre-patriarchal, Females.

You see – patriarchal conditioning very much feeds on multiple loops of neuro=plasticity.  Brain Inflammation creates rigidity (I finally grasp why it’s called ‘rigid thinking’ now. the concept is flipped on its’ head!) as part of whole-body inflammation autistics suffer (link . That concept makes us unadaptable to the endless pyramids of “civilisation” (ahem!),, where we’re required to adapt to like boiling frogs until we’re….literally boiling from global warming & all else making our environments intolerable for a living creature. So we end up being <frozen in time>.

This leads me to think that extroversion = late stage adaptation to high pop. density. Because it’s created by LOW NEURO-sensitivity & thus a tolerance towards inhuman overload of light, sound, human energy, small personal space. IMethinks that it acts like a wooly blanket wrapped the original human neuro-wiring…. As it also produces a low adrenaline rush [really NOT a good idea in pre-historic times, when running away from beasts, or our very own males woulda been crucial].


This wooliness tambien results in a low propensity towards deep & logical (read ~unpatriarchal) thought process; lower IQ + creativity. Now this is most important: it creates a need for external highs so readily on offer in modern consumerist model, and earlier – mens’ mandated cultural rites.Introversion must therefore exist on the same sliding scale as autism ( as well the new-fangled HSP), as all 3 share more-or-less the same set of traits of varying severity.

Extroversion in Womyn is also a way of drowning out any un-phallocractic questioning. There is #Good Reason for chattiness == female-ness in the common conscience. This is because small talk blocks deep thinking like a dam.




6 thoughts on “Neanderthals R us

  1. This lines up identically to my experience.

    I’ve always hated the violent, sadosex-obsessed penis mutants and couldn’t care less how they thought of me–I just wanted them to leave me alone–but I have always been troubled by how most average (ie neurotypical) females have never wanted to befriend me starting around the age of 11 or 12 (I’d always had a few fun and interesting female friends before then). My lack of chattiness, hatred towards pop culture, poor sense of self-ornamentation, absolute boredom towards “sex n baby talk”, and dislike of loud places, big groups, being touched by strangers whose job was to do things to my body (ie “spa night”, “massages for the girlz!” etc) has made me not fit in with the majority of women, and my disgust towards all masculine forms of competition, violent media/video games, shit-talking , one-upping even in its “ironic” forms (ie “butch dyke bowling night”) has made other GNC (I personally hate the word “butch”) women not gel with me either. I think it is absolutely a NT vs autistic situation that has caused my issues (as well as me being introverted and a HSP).

    I too have better bonds with cats and dogs than people, love the quiet and darkness of night, and love unobtrusive music as much as I LOATHE today’s popular music, which is literal hate speech and threats of violence against women or else women singing about how much they love males even at their most abusive, with an occasional “empowerful” reversal pretending that women rule the world through their sexxay. This entire society and all it promotes and produces is anathema to every cell of my being.

    I wish there was some kind of get-together for autistic females who had no interest in peen, babies, beautification or (the other side of the coin, IME) being a brute tough-ass. I don’t need a lot of social interaction, and prefer none to what is largely available in society, but shit does get lonely.

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    1. I did a lot of beautification cos it became a special interest ‘ I not so much loathed them as thought of them as things, not beings’
      Its fascinating that Trust ur Perceptions says that they use genetic fuckwittery to trick us into thinking they’re human /female
      Check out

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    2. Check out the Mexican actor Jaime Camil, my Spanish really helped uncover his fascinating case.
      He’s reached holy grail of being like a female: not in trans sense’ but genuinely xx-like
      in essence+energy


    3. I can’t find that comment about clitoral structure>? It;s called Rule of thumb, or C to V distance

      U also said something about vaginal size being in-built as well &it;ll always hurt for that cohort?


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