Neanderthals R us

Now that i’m in wacky theory mode: *check out my previous one; I’ve come with the biggest one of my existence. Luckily for me:

There is actual genetic evidence for Aspies* carrying Neanderthal DNA

I’ve been trying to crack the mystery of female autism since diagnosis 2 years back. Female ~ because the male version of it is so drastically different that it might as well be called a different condition.

It’s become increasingly evident to me that “autistics are quite simply allergic to modern society on a deep cellular level”. Think of it as an allergy: ovaried aspies are @ epi-pen level; while male ones are merely intolerant. This is because society itself is structured around male nature, so the doods have enough  privileged trade-offs to balance out their allergy. Aforementioned DOODs also possess a bunch of female carers to outsource their communication& exec. functioning to, so the poor dears never ought to carry, ya know,   the support beams their society rests on///

What can I say? Must be a real weight off their shoulders….!! Poor dears. Now where’re the sarcastic smilies when you need theM??

Both introverts and autistics are highly inconvienient to the Regime of the capitalist & generally male machine. You see – it’s damn hard to make us mindlessly buy things & follow social rules without question. WE’re also neurologically sensitive & therefore avoidant to man’s giant machine of White Noise ~ literally, as relentless industrial noise is akin to POW torture for the growing nos of ‘”noise-sensitive”. Worst of all  (darn it ! how dare we?!) – we haven’t entirely lost our bond with nature (*bottom of the necrophilic pyramid). We have just as, or often stronger , bonds with animals, plants & holistic everything, over homo sapiens.

We also rely on our internal world to enrich us: ~~ TOUGh to make someone, who gets her highs from a nice walk & pet cuddle, to run after the iPhone *whichever stupid no. they're up to* when the current one works perfectly fine. I'm @ my most peaceful + enjoyably stimulated when I'm as far away as I can get from it all in body & soul. Right now I'm listening to minimalist, atmospheric, profoundly un-pop music on radio; nocturnal energy & my own thoughts....and it's the most alive (bold) I've felt in ages -~..because those ages were filled up mens' getting thru mens'soul-destroying day-time labour camp routine. I did not consume, produce, reproduce, obey to arrive @ this wonderful state.: I didn't consume any substances or music; and most certainly did not produce another human to add to the 7.7 billion we already sport. The material I'm producing here won't count as a Product under the system as its' Disobedience @ its' most insolent.

Before I discovered this striking connection of HFA to Neanderthal DNA: (link) , I had already arrived @ this conclusion in the same way that Galileo- Copernicus figured out the roundness of the Earth without a satellite __ by mathematical deduction.  Because if we aren’t pre-historic humans> what else can we possible be? The shoe fits ~~~does it not`? It certainly is for us XX aspies *(grunies), as everything points to us being Original, pre-patriarchal, Females.

You see – patriarchal conditioning very much feeds on multiple loops of neuro=plasticity.  Brain Inflammation creates rigidity (I finally grasp why it’s called ‘rigid thinking’ now. the concept is flipped on its’ head!) as part of whole-body inflammation autistics suffer (link . That concept makes us unadaptable to the endless pyramids of “civilisation” (ahem!),, where we’re required to adapt to like boiling frogs until we’re….literally boiling from global warming & all else making our environments intolerable for a living creature. So we end up being <frozen in time>.

This leads me to think that extroversion = late stage adaptation to high pop. density. Because it’s created by LOW NEURO-sensitivity & thus a tolerance towards inhuman overload of light, sound, human energy, small personal space. IMethinks that it acts like a wooly blanket wrapped the original human neuro-wiring…. As it also produces a low adrenaline rush [really NOT a good idea in pre-historic times, when running away from beasts, or our very own males woulda been crucial].


This wooliness tambien results in a low propensity towards deep & logical (read ~unpatriarchal) thought process; lower IQ + creativity. Now this is most important: it creates a need for external highs so readily on offer in modern consumerist model, and earlier – mens’ mandated cultural rites.Introversion must therefore exist on the same sliding scale as autism ( as well the new-fangled HSP), as all 3 share more-or-less the same set of traits of varying severity.

Extroversion in Womyn is also a way of drowning out any un-phallocractic questioning. There is #Good Reason for chattiness == female-ness in the common conscience. This is because small talk blocks deep thinking like a dam.




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