Solve for seX


FGM is classic example of male uber-lying. The pricks knew exactly what the clit is for & how far into labial structure it spreads ,, millenia back. Ours pretended ignorance until yesterday. The most extensive forms of FGM excise all the sensitive tissue under effect of clitoral arms. I’ve no doubt that the less severe practitioners use the extreme ones as “lookie here, we’re being kind!” in the same manner that FGM in general is used on us – unmutilated ‘clitoris-havers’.

Our males’re ‘benevolent’ to let us keep ours, but then use them against us. Without them, orgasms’d just be a tension release button to end female bonding sessions (like bonobos). They’d be no neuro-plastic desire for ‘sex’. I harp on about this cos I still can’t believe just HOW neuro-plastic it is.

..Until I went full feminazi – I was climbing walls since age 17 ( I even drugged myself with Prozac for a bit (it kills libido stone cold). Yet the moment that I shifted to a SCUM mentality > it was like a spell instantly lifted

(the potion consisted of being bombarded with sex posie stimulus since before you hit puberty & then being just frustrated enough to keep feeding the loop < hoping for satisfaction).

And this is without ever being drawn into the infamously addictive ((&laced with misery +diminishing returns like all addictions) loop of intercourse !!!! Western +western influenced females run around like hamsters in wheels from dawn till dusk of their lives as men deprive us of every other pleasure & thus make us feel every ecstasy & desire for it as a sexual thing.

I once had a head massage that felt so pleasurable that made me confused (cos ‘sexual’ is elevated above all tactile pleasure, thus anything this good MUST be a sex thing).

Of course Valerie saw this too – and condensed it down to a single sentence in SCUM. Once you break the loop – you still experience the hormonal peaks, but they feel like a beastly male invasion. – they’re not pleasant anymore and you recoil from everything sexual as a gross thing (yes, you become a ‘prude’). BUt, but,- you still crave sensual contact denoted as sexual by males (eg. nipple stimulation or neck kissing). Hell, you can simulate “Sexual” stimulus with a stream of water of the right pressure!

Think carefully without male lens:


Who handed down the dictate of those electrically pleasurable actions as belonging to SEX? And what is SeX, really, once you take PIV out of it?


Also consider this:

Males AREN’t sexual beings. Their single-minded obsession with their appendage & emptying it into orifices stems from their chromosomal programming of self-perpetuation @ all costs. The pleasure they get from it is SECONDARY & there to motivate them into the act – like eating tasty food is a pleasure motivating nutrition. Men are not sexually motivated by beauty or sensuality…which leaves, er, what exactly? Their genitals & their function is so instinctively gross to us > that it’s clearly not designed to stimulate sexual pull in us either.


Add those 2 things up & solve for SEX.


Holistic connection to women is the Y in this. I’ve experienced such overwhelming desire to connect with specific girls+ women in any form that I’ve tossed up possibility of being bi younger. It was extra confusing , as it was both a physical & mental pull; + getting female bodies shoved in your face all the time for the male gaze makes you only consider them as erotic. AS in ” female beauty +energy + personality=sex”


Like every other wacky radfem thought out there —- this one isn’t an original creation of mine. It’s already been put forward by the wonderfully wacky Sonia Johnson

However, it really has to be experienced personally to be believed & pushed thru your own maze of experience & resistance from the trifecta of camps who unite according to the enemy of my enemy principle:

(1) conservatives; 2)sex posies; 3) radical lesbians*


*Not lesbian radfems. Just those who don’t question the sexual| sensual context outside of lesbian experience, & how it fits into overall puzzle


As a deep introvert, I also find the sexy-sexy universe to be stressful. My perfect state is that of not being full to the brim of energy which demands to be released NOW NOW now. And which leaves you, well,, blue (post orgasm come-down in women, or more often orgasm-less frustration) + silly about the resources you spent on the ridiculousness of it all. And it is inherently ridiculous (picture rutting animals). Once you take away males – it minuses the violence, but not their ridiculous imbedded presence in the fabric & concept of it.


Thus I hazard a guess that lesbians do not magically exist outside of this neuro-plastic cycle of enforced sexual algebra, or so-called asexuals.

aaaand I’ll add a genuinely original wacky thought of my own. I’m TrustYourPerceptions’ biggest fan and have directed to her outstanding genetic analysis repeatedly. I also use it as inspiration for my out-there evolutionary theories.

So here’s one:

If men have the bio-influence to synch our menstrual cycles (for women living together), what if sex drive hormones are their doing too? & that they’re overlaid on top of our intense non-sexual sensuality >confusing us into thinking that we want males (or even ourselves) via “sex”. After all – libido is produced by testosterone + peaks twice in our cycle : once precisely when dudes need it – Ovulation &

again @ menstruation (is this also for their timing??)





7 thoughts on “Solve for seX

  1. Ill have to skim this a few times.

    I have adhd/asd, which means (in addition to the “ad” & “h” ie stimming/restlessness lol) my cognition is abstract-based, analytical, etc etc

    So unless each point is shortened further and [oh yes please] actual bullet points, i cant process the overall message of the article in one go.

    Funnily enough, in light of my aforementioned brain, i have keen empathic abilities and oh boy it’s tricky af me to friggin get how the mechanic of that sh^^ works (yes i know. I gota get through my thick skull that the “mechanics” mindset is precisely my problemo).

    Basically (SORRY im a hypocrite i ramble about “giving it to me straight and yet I blatantly DONT ) i literally cant help it but be bloody gifted at profiling the writer; in addition to analysing their message.


      1. Wow. Good timing i just signed in and saw this lol ahhaha huh im an expert at confusing people 🙈but thanks man 😄OH yes my bad. Break it down to its points yesss pleaseee!


  2. Maybe it’s because I’m a Gen X-er (grew up before internet porn and sexxay poz insanity, females existing as happy sex-slaves was less proudly megaphoned by every prick by the age of 8), maybe it’s because the only one or two males I could ever fathom being even aesthetically pleasing had more XX-typical appearance, or because I’ve always found the idea of pregnancy and babies appalling, and maybe it’s because I could not imagine what getting plugged had anything to do with my (starting from childhood) pillow-humping orgasm sessions, but I have never seen “sex” as anything more than releasing the (unwanted btw) need to orgasm, much like taking a shit.

    (Warning: graphic gross metaphors ahead comparing defecation situations to “sex”, including PiV)
    And just like I’d never want to take a shit in front of anyone else, much less (to continue the metaphor), try to pull shit out of my ass during my attempt to successfully shit (ie a partner trying to “make me/help me orgasm”), I certainly would not the torture of someone trying to put a catheter in my urethra while I tried to shit (ie penetration of another body part while one is trying to stimulate their clit to orgasm, the worst of which is of course PiV) once I realized the similarities of the two situations, ie, other people’s involvement would, at the very best, distract me from my end goal (shitting/orgasming), would likely prevent my goal, and would cause vulnerability, pain, humiliation, potential damage to my body including lifelong disability, etc etc (not even going into pregnancy potentiality here as the shitting metaphor doesn’t work, but obviously it shows how much worse PiV is than “partnered shitting” (!!!).

    I believe that most women who can orgasm figured out how to do so at a VERY young age, before sex propaganda began and WAY before any little pricks went near them. In other words, while men torture women because they believe their masturbatory orgasms are way inferior to the ones obtained by causing a woman pain before using her as a jizz -toilet, males actually impede the female orgasm, and can even switch off the ability for women to orgasm permanently, if they or their sex-pozzie handmaidens invade a girl’s body or brain (respectively) before she has the opportunity to masturbate to orgasm first.

    Your post is amazing and so true. I’m curious as to how you, as a fellow ASD female but from a different generation than me, experienced a different (and obviously way more intense) bombardment of PiV propaganda than me that for a while made you believe you wanted partner sex while for me led to masturbation sessions I believed (and still do, sadly–I’d love to not have the need to masturbate) were necessary for tension-release.

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    1. Laughing so hard at the poo metapho’r÷))

      2 reasons:
      1)Cute Girl programming. Much of my self esteem was based on it’. If a Cute Girl confesses to never getting dicked: ppl start wondering what hidden abnormalities u have
      2)mother’s free love programming
      3)hope that maybe older, pre erotica men can make piv better

      I’m lucky to be Older millenia :I remember a glimpse of life before the big P went mainstream in 04.

      U r gonna laugh at what I find so repulsive about it without ever wading into violent stuff.._lack of pubes! Seriously! Mine actually help me in my fiddling. I used to seek out retro vids for that reason :

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  3. Also, the Straight Identity propaganda was guilty in me kinda wanting to @ least try PiV. Until I deconstructed the lie of sexual oriention: you’re made to think that it’s like having 2 ears – an inherent, inalienable part of u.

    + curiosity. Women {like cats} are curious beings

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