Julia ` Matriarch (Po5)


Before Julia gets her famous abortion-come-miscarriage, the following chain of events happens:

1)Her bf’s mother grills her on the true nature of P in V action: “It’s the girl that get stuck with the consequences”. The mum then experience the bad surprise of a middle-aged knock-up. The scene takes place in the toilet and is the most honest on this subject ever seen on TV:

The previously full-of-life mother comes out of the stall ill and in despair. She says to Julia that she teased Julia’s mum about her last child at age 44 and that you need to be “so careful” and still can’t prevent it. Is IT the Loch Ness monster pulling down innocent females and knocking them up? Oh no. It’s the cleverly contrabanded past censorship spotlight on compulsory intercourse at all ages.

2)Julia does listen. She tries to put the breaks on horny bf’s advances and lays it out rationally: “Contraception isn’t full proof. What would we do if we ended up the fools?”. Horny bf brushes past it and Julia ends up very much knocked up depsite all the ‘carefullness’.

3) When Julia’s planning the termination, Charlie come to reassure her by telling her a story of his gf’s abortion in college and that it’s no big deal. Julia points out that he has no idea whether it was no big deal for the girl as he hasn’t kept in touch with her.



It’s repeated enough times to sink in: 5 is too many kids, 3 is too few bedrooms & 44 is too late for another baby. The siblings range from 24 to 1 in age. The matriarch started out her youth in glorious fashion: as a Stanford educated violin prodigy during the most radical time of the 2nd wave – late 60s. Alas, she did not take heed of the femmy wind blowing and got herself on the marriage & breeding assembly line.

She started out slow: with 1 child in the 1st 8 years. After this the next 3 kids sort of tumbled out one after another. At the 3 child stage, Mama had a mini-Lib moment and resurrected her music talents making a few recordings. She soon quit and went back to dutiful babymaking. During this time the patre familia turned to alcoholism (or perhaps always had indulged). He screamed at her, needed rides to work as he left his car there from drinking & did things to her darkly hinted at. It’s safe to assume that it was a spot of marital rape *legal at the time, and threat of violence that she tiptoed around & trained the kids to do the same. Any of those siblings could be rape babies. I’d guess All 3 middle ones. The violent male appeasement training went to Julia’s head and she ended up with a wife-beater bf.

She threatened to leave him> the padre went cold turkey on his drinking and everything went love-dovey. So dovey in fact, that Marital Rapist spend his work lunches at home engaging in more baby-making. This resulted in final pregnancy at age 44. It seems like only menopause would;ve saved Mama from the merry-go-round of childbirth that left her with a weak bladder (yay sneaked in reality!). It was not to be – Mama died in a car wreck 6 months later and never got to enjoy her post-menopausal life free of baby machine duties. But who knows?.maybe death was a more peaceful choice for her.

birthday blur candle celebration
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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