Capitalism {family} language



Mary Daly constantly reminded us of the true meaning of words behind the double think.  Lookie here at the glossy portrait of Family TM:



Now look at the words:

_fuck you; get fucked; I’m truly fucked; screwed; screwed over; screw it; suck it; this sucks; motherfucker; cunt; you’re a pussy; he’s a dick; wanker; jerk; jerk around; douche.

Think about what all of the above insults~negative outcomes really mean.<All denote penile insertion to be a REALLY BAD THING for the inserted one. <The last one is a 1st wave contraceptive method, later the infamous Lysol <1 denotes incest against the powerless mother <2 degrade the channel of all human life (1 signifies weakness) . Most notably:
To be a Dick = To be mean.

^This here is everything that Family really is about..Mean penises going into oppressed birth canals/mouths & giving no respect to the outcome (motherhood) & sullying/twisting the damage control to produce further damage.

This double speak is right in front of us in plain sight!%

Mind you: other language is much the same. Russian has most of those in the same context. It even uses the expression “By your mother” to mean “To swear”. ‘To marry’ for a woman = ‘Go behind the husband’. For a man = ‘To acquire a wife’. Which is why I avoid the female variety ~ it makes me shudder

Spanish has the expression Hijo de Puta = Son of a whore. So when a sex slave woman & her forcedly born male are not owned by a father = demoted status for the male, as it’s unclear specifically whose Y got passed on. Men must own their Y-lieanage,`hence the existence of family TM & consequently our whole society. This is why exclusive female ownership for breeding is called NUCLEAR @ the NUCLEUS of all social layers, institutions & systems. | everything we live

I’ve yet to see a company name with & Daughters or *insert surname* Sisters. This is because male ownership of family underpins capitalism. Daughters & sisters don’t pass on Ys – hence they don’t need capital to lure females into servitude for Y perpetuation.


In fact, FAMILY means “slaveholding” in latin. Husband has the same root as husbandry of domestic animals. Mary gave birth in a stable. Getting the drift here?…..

….women & girls have the same or lower status than DOMESTIC ANIMALS. Family exists only to perpetuate the frail, on the respirator Y chromosome (read Trust Your Percepions, everyone!)

[Stay tuned  for thematic follow on|
I have a write-up coming up on (Po5) \a show that has many sneaky feminist anti-family messages in the subtext.



One thought on “Capitalism {family} language

  1. I think motherfucker is a reference to how in tribal groups men will rape another man’s female family members to get revenge on the man.

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