Tale of men’s “art” part II



Smart cookie youngster me avoided the obvious film/TV culprits of chauvinism and female body horror: slasher films, stoner & sex comedies and anything that looked cheap & mainstream. I went for the ‘high art and ‘prestige’ markets instead.


Little did I know that mens’ extra perversity masquerades specifically under the art/prestige label. This is how I ended up ingesting the following toxic nightmares: Pan’s Labyrinth, Blue Velvet, Lost, Nip/Tuck, Quills, Don’t Look Now, Last tango, Requiem for a Dream. Next to them Apatow ‘comedies’ seem like child’s play.

Pan’s Labyrinth is in a league of its’ own, in fact. It is a physically disgusting, slimy fantasy playing out in a dying 10 y.o. girl’s mind…after she’s killed by her step-sperm donor (aka father). Chew on that concept alone for a moment. That this is what men call entertainment…

It gets more enlightening on the sick mens’ minds front when you look at the fantasy itself: in no world would a 10 y.o. girl dream of it. Not even a lethally injured one. In fact, I’d fathom to say that a dying child would dream of her good associations on earth – she would think of of her mother, puppies, flowers,…anything pleasant. Here it gets too horrible for me to even imagine this any further, so I’lll stop. All the ugly bugs and mythical creatures we see instead are clearly straight from Very Creative Dude in Charge TM’s demented brain cells.

All I remember about Quills is the tongue removal. Blue Velvet is too amateurish & twisted to even describe insightfully. It plugs the virgin/whore/mother dichotomy like no tomorrow. Nip/Tuck substitutes your usual sexual/violent sadism towards female bodies with gruesome plastic surgery (how original!), and bores you to tears with the Very Special Bromance of the 2 lead dicks. I’m quoting someone from the web here: that every actress on the show must’ve gotten the same character direction: Hysterical bitch. Interpret freely! Lost is downright femicidal (often via pregnancy) with a tonne of mummy issues.

There were certain dudely films that I watched without absorbing any of the content as it wasn’t stimulating enough to even grab me at the basic digestion level: 8! (animation), Fellini’s 8.5, some Russian Mephistopheles & Tree of Life mumb0-jumbo. I sat through Goodfellas with eyes closed 90% of the time to block out the violence, so I couldn’t make any sense out of the remaining snippet. I couldn’t make it through 5 mins of Saving Private Moron (or whatever he was called).  

I want to get all that viewing time back & spit some of this vomit-inducing content back out. No amount of looking at gorgeous dogs in cherry blossoms can fix it.

Because you see – there’s something more sinister carried on mens’ megaphones than severe understimulation. It is psychological torture of us – the captive female populace. It also denies us the entertainment material that we need to connect to each other. Men, on the other hand, bond over all this radioactive brain poison like peas in a pod.



10 thoughts on “Tale of men’s “art” part II

  1. All this shit makes me so sick. I abandoned malestream TV and most movies even before discovering radical feminism, because I recognised that I was being traumatised by it, over and over again. Sadly, my own mother is addicted to that shit. She watches about 5 or 6 straight hours of Rape and Murder of Women TV shows most nights. Of course, she never bothered to face or heal her own childhood trauma, so she just keeps retraumatising herself, as such people do. I lose hope for womyn when I see the completely sick addiction she has, and how it hasn’t changed at all in decades.


    1. It HAS changed…
      Ffor the worse. Zero censorship on pay & streaming channels allows mens most depraved fantasies play out unhindered. I feel relief when I watch a censored free to air show cause I can at least relax a little & not grip the remote ready to skip.

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  2. I think women’s art in generally is 100X better than mens. I think you had a great point about acting in your more recent post though…because of the parasitic nature men are born to act. I loved acting so much in high school and dreamed of being a movie actor as a kid. I always said “It’s just lying.” The trick is you have to make yourself really believe it.

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  3. Also, Andy was an asshole, but I don’t think him being shot was funny. I admire Solanas more than warhol, warhol had nothing to say…and SCUM…to this day SCUM kinda scares me. lol. It’s a great read though.


  4. no, it/s not the violence that’s funny. It’s the severe form of art criticism it looks like for a sec!

    I actually find black comedy appealing.-humour is the only way i can process violence.

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  5. That’s what SIN talked about too: that women should be entitled to the violent part of our nature/. Compared to some other animals-we’re sissies in dealing with XYs./ We Freeze or Appease – and look where that got us

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  6. Can you enlighten me on this weird Marlon obsession male actors seem to have? Ones that’re superbly better than him. All dude could do was HIMself in a grotesque way. His energy was nihilistic.,I wasn’t surprised that he managed to cause several deaths/near deaths without laying a hand.His PRESENCE alone was already unpleasant on camera ,and that was before his screechily-voiced speech impediment came out -to sound like nails on chalk

    For instance, I watched Dacre in Stranger THings & he’s intense +brazenly confident on a scary level. He has the nerve to sell himself as this sexy thing,…while looking like Shrek in an 80s wig! he stands out even in a such a star-aligned cast.He’s the only one I ever liked this crazy quality in, but it seems like dude-actors treasure it


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