The Truman show & the money system

Males spend their entire lives and commemoration inside the Truman show. Everything is rigged in their favour, but they just stroll by thinking that it’s normal….

…That the money they earn is Theirs

…That the land and leisure and bodily and mental space theyhave is all their own too.Whereas in fact all of it has been looted for them by generations of other males and they’ve never earned any of it. They’ve stolen it from women & nature & hoarded it. Of course money is an artificial male concept which creates artificial scarcity. In fact, it’s the most brilliantly sadistic invention ever made. It’s more effective than medieval torture instruments, or rape, or war or Stalin’s MAN-made famine, or gas chambers. Money is a completely ethereal (literally these days as most transactions are digital) object that is ALL POWERFUL.  It has the power to induce starvation, lack of medical care, disabled support, deprivation for domestic animals, decimation of girl babies & fetuses, cold, health-damaging stress, homelessness, shutdown free speech, force marriage etc.etc. etc.

Money is
nothing short of a magic wand in mens’ hands.

This is precisely why the female class never owns any money. Even the token womyn who’re above the poverty grind are still on shaky legs. It can get taken away from them at any time. It is invisibly drained away via pink tax, child support inadequacy, the screwability mandate, male-caused health costs, the mummy track, nursing homes, untrustworthy banks, safety from male violence measures.

Money also isn’t a gateway towards pulling us out of our universal female oppression. Money didn’t save Amber Heard from wife-beating. It doesn’t save girl babies in the richer parts of India. It doesn’t make you safer walking home at night. It doesn’t put female public toilets first. It didn’t save Queen Anne from 17 pregnancies. In fact, there is a case to be made that ‘upper class ladies’ always had more male control exerted over them than ‘working class broads’. In Tudor England, the fertility rate of poor mothers was 4, – a stark contrast to the dozen + births commonly endured by aristocrats ( if they survived that long).

This is because money – just like class, race, religion & laws, is designed to serve males + divide& conquer womyn in the process. I’m so tired of seeing feminists grovel apologetically for whatever privilege they profess to having. It’s not privilege because we have no control over ending it and we did not start it. Men just tossed crumbs our way to make it seem like some of us get any benefit from their systems.

Back to the Truman show: female citizens live behind the curtain of mens’ fantasy world, running around making it happen. It is said that communism can never work. But the truth is that women live in a parallel communist reality, while men are in the capitalist one. Except that women only get to live the “giving what you’re able” communist part – not the “getting what you need” part. How can women be considered included in capitalism when they do most of the world’s work for free or for peanuts? Especially when it’s all of the crucial work for the daily survival and comfort of the human race? Never mind the actual production of new people?? All the while men get paid inflated salaries for pushing around pencils at best and causing disasters at worst.

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