Both sides now (the Sonia Johnson version)

Part 3 in the no natural heterosexuality series

preceded by Ball of Yarn and She Loved Big Brother.

I’ve sought exclusively female bonds and made effort to keep males confined to the periphery of my life since childhood. Whenever a male inserted himself into my carefully built female bonds – there was always a grieving sense of loss. What’s interesting is that I did this instinctively for many years before conscious separatism. The only male I was ever comfortable with was a dog. The straight lifestyle is as alien to me as it is to lesbians. I already saw it as a trainwreck for women by 8 y.o. I’ve been observing it like being at a zoo…if they housed antelopes with big cats at zoos…and made the antelopes have and raise big cats’ babies…and clean up after them…and have weird rituals where they stuck creepy white veils on the antelopes’ heads
By the time we’re born – XYs have imbedded themselves into our genetic memory with millennia of rapeyness and rewired our chemical responses. They also keep taking the rebellious women out of the gene pool with withhunts, honour killings, asylums, hysterectomies, celibacy, poverty and making single motherhood impossible. In another time or place I would’ve been done away with in 1 or more of these ways. In this one I’m merely disabled via chronic illness, poverty and a joke for disabled support. They also erase our history. The only way in which hetero female slavishness can be viewed as innate > is if you take all of this context away.  As well as how mating heat work + all of this creepy biology:
Sonia Johnson’s case is fascinating as a control group of 1. She is the only prominent feminist that did a complete 180. She went from a model hetero religious handmaid, who thought that Womens’ Libbers were meanies who didn’t like men just because > to hermit separatist with female partner, who dumped her son and now thinks the same way I do about open-ended and male-blocked female sexuality/touch/bonding.
Women like her fell through the cracks of mens’ selective breeding program. Every time you look at male-worshipping women running around after their slave – owners: think of them as pugs. We were once huskies or maybe even wolves. Dogs were bred just like us: with fear so deeply genetically imbedded over many generations > that it turned to obedient ‘love’.
*I’m very much a dog person, but I don’t think that they would exist in womans’ world. At most we’d have friendly, but still wild foxes or wolves who’d interact with us on their own terms. There was a fascinating Russian study that domesticated foxes over 40 years via selective breeding, but no violence. They were dog-like in behavior by the end. Who knows…

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One thought on “Both sides now (the Sonia Johnson version)

  1. I watched an older BBC documentary on YouTube about second wavers. Quite a few of them left their sons.

    I am all for that, honestly. Leave the sons with the fathers. Let them deal with it.


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