She loved Big Brother

He loved Big Brother

Remember that final chilling line from 1984? This is the protagonist’s fate­ after progressive, extensive torture broke his rebellious spirit after attempts to thwart the all pervasive totalitarian regime engendered by Big Brother. Substitute women for Winston and men for Big Brother.  This is how men made the majority of us in developed countries ‘straight’. This wasn’t necessary in vast stretches of the rest of the world because there males just employ good old force and starvation techniques (just like they used to over here).  This is all that heterosexuality amounts to. XXs have been broken like Winston to love men Big Brother style.

Within the sphere of very radical feminism, the construct of heterosexuality is my favourite subject. I’m a Millennial, so I was reared on Born This Way as a 1 size fits all being unquestioned. I only now realise WHY it was so: because it strengthened the myth of innate and unstoppable female pull towards men and the need to belong to one as a token tormentor among the majority of women (aside from those few ‘deviants’ they’ll grudgingly acknowledge)

The residents of an all-female Kenyan village were sincerely baffled by the concept of recreational

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engagement with men (especially PIV for pleasure) when asked by a Western woman. This is because these sensible Kenyan womyn live in the aforementioned part of the world, where force is all men use to rope women into being with them. As a consequence, they are unfamiliar with the hetero propaganda we’re bombarded with since conception. Our grandmothers living in the pre-20s and 60s sexual revolutions were the same. It’s so obvious, isn’t?  If you’re Winston & men are Big Brother + Alien pregnancy invasion in a single combo > how could you possibly relate to them as a source of personal & sexual satisfaction??? After a certain point I couldn’t even hold down male friends once it became obvious that they live in another dimension from me: I live in the one where I can’t even drop a library book in the evening safely.

Of course lesbians are bombarded with that hetero-bondage indoctrination too. Here’s the crucial difference however: they display an obvious pull towards the opposite, which fits neatly within male understanding. The rest of the female population belongs in the gray area too complex and broken by male interference (refer to Ball of Yarn) for thick male brains to comprehend. When they try – they really embarrass themselves (like Freud, Masters). Kinsey at least had a few brain cells as witnessed by the Kinsey scale (it’s a tip of the iceberg, but still puts him above the rest).  Sexual orientation is a simplistic man’s concept.  It amount to: the sex I’d like to stick my appendage into.  It dates only to the 19th century and was a response to 1st wave feminism and the emerging visibility of homosexuality.

Bonding with males with is a learned and forced behaviour. No other mammal female employs it because mammalian males are nothing more than sperm banks and rape machines. They provide no parental investment (there’re statistically insignificant exceptions) or survival benefits for females. In fact, they actively sabotage the parental work of females by killing their young, hurting the females’ well-being and draining their resources. This is especially obvious among all primates and humans specifically.

Furthermore, throughout history and pre-history female humans have barely menstruated. They spent their lives pregnant or breast-feeding, and experienced earlier menopause and later menarche than modern women. This is a crucial fact, because female libido is highly dependant on menstrual cycle hormones, which exist to…guess what? Reproduce with or without males. Which means that desire towards males was only rarely present – if ever, on any notable scale.

And here is the meaning of life:

17 thoughts on “She loved Big Brother

  1. The fact that the entirety of the way society is set up in industrialised countries is designed to push womyn towards men just says it all. We don’t want to be with them, but many womyn have been fully brainwashed into believing they do (since they have experienced no alternative). Womyn are socialised to hate and betray each other (this can’t be overstated), womyn are raped repeatedly in childhood until they develop trauma that makes them seek out the original traumatic experience over and over again, womyn are told that the only sexual pleasure they’ll ever experience is with men, womyn are prevented from making enough money to live independently and living with female roommates is very strongly discouraged and looked down on, womyn are made chronically ill by male-induced trauma and toxification of the environment and then are encouraged to become the “pet” of a rich man who can take care of their medical needs… Men know that in our healthy state we do not need or want them, except as sperm donors, for those who want children.

    I can imagine, in the deep past, that humyn society may have been more like bonobo society, where females rule and are central, social conflicts are handled peacefully, and violent males are thrown out of the family group, which consists primarily of females and their female relations and children. Humyn males have destroyed much of the planet, as well as the humyn race, through their pathological refusal to accept reality: womyn are central and men are peripheral and disposable. Womyn now have the technological ability to reproduce entirely without males at all, though creation of sperm from female stem cells. Men are officially obsolete, and they refuse to accept that reality, and try to punish us for our innate and obvious superiority.


    1. YES!! Someone else professes the bonobo theory!*prostrates in deep bow*:-)

      I mean: why else would female bodies develop such a complex sensuality and multiple orgasms? Men at best ignore it and at worst destroy it via FGM and forced like of PIV. I’m convinced that our bodies carry the history which men wiped all record of.

      I weaned myself off het propaganda by getting rid of the multitude of images of less ugly men in the media (which I used to surround myself with because it was the only hetero activity that felt safe and unoppressive). As a result, I barely think of men in connection to my sex hormones.

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  2. I wish someone could explain to me how any female can believe she likes PiV in itself. Sure, many delude themselves into liking it because “it’s how he shows his love” or “it means I’m hot” or “I want a child”, and of course social brainwashing may lead women to believe they are the only ones who hate it. It’s painful, it doesn’t lead to orgasm, it causes UTIs–how does a woman who was raped as a child, say, want to relive such a horrifying experience in adulthood rather than do ANYTHING to avoid being impaled like that? No matter what emotional or societal meaning is linked to touching a hot stove, it fucking hurts and I’d never willingly do it again.


    1. With me it goes way beyond PIV. It’s male genitals overall + their emissions. We instinctively recoil from it cos it’s our biggest threat encoded in genetic memory. Read Trust Your Perceptions blog. It’s the answer to it all.

      It goes even further to the whole of men. I have an intense self-preservation instinct that kicks in whenever any dude is close to me 1 on 1. It overpowers even the biggest horniness: it floods me with adrenaline that I could use to jump 10 m in the air. Like a tiger is chasing me + it doesn’t abate till the dude’s gone.

      I used to interpret it as social anxiety, but I now know better. It + separatism + ASD feminist awareness has saved from falling into mens’ traps.

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      1. Mind you: that protective response extends to Daughter Bear mode. I’ve universally detested every dude mum’s ever dated regardless of personality on a deep instinctive level. So they’ve all tried to buy me off/gaslight me.

        …never bloody worked. I took and keep taking all that ice-cream, swimming lessons and whatnot,………and keep hating them & chipping away at her het compulsion. I felt the truth as a kid and I know it cerebrally now. If it were up to me – there’d a an electric fence around her to ward off males.

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    2. Believe or not:

      My semi-radfem NT mother exposed me to all of the realities of PIV as a kid, and yet…..SHE never grasped it herself. After 40 years of dutifully performing compulsory hetero sex via very serial monogamy – she still won’t quit.

      It has caused her 6 pregnancies, so much worry, 1 near death in an abortion (anesthetic overdose), a prolapse, a stillbirth, incontinence, 2 terrible to term pregnancies, 2 unwanted kids, pain, a labour bad enough to want suicide + caused lifelong PTSD, gestational diabetes that almost spilled over into regular.

      Dunno about her orgasm rates, but they clearly aren’t that great since she has a vib & had to teach a dude oral.

      What can I say? NT women are INSANE. Unless they’re lesbians or PIV avoiders…


    3. There’s another rarely mentioned PIV horror -….male circumcision. It is not designed for hygiene (that’s the sell tactic). It’s to make men more efficient rape machines. A foreskin facilitates gentle intercourse & lubrication & more likely female orgasm. Women PIVed by circumcised men (around 1.5 billion?) report 3 x the dryness and pain rate!!! That’s why there’s all this US focus on lube!

      Dudes sacrifice some pleasure for hurting females. That’s right – they will slice of the most sensitive part of their precious organ so they can RAPE HARDER.

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  3. But, even if circumcision causes the dude to ram less hard, he’s still shoving his dick against sensitive tissues, neighboring organs like the cervix, urethra and bladder, will cause UTIs etc, and is not gonna cause orgasm just like tampon insertion isn’t, cause the internal “four legs” of the clitoris are under the skin of the labia, 2 on each side, NOT in the vagina. Also, the internal vaginal structure is different for each female. So, counter to the patriarchal medical industry’s belief that all females are identical dick holes (the obgyn profession doesn’t even have a diagram of the internal clitoral structure in the books they use to teach med students!!!), it is very likely that many females do not have vaginal structures that can enable penis in without extreme pain (much less baby out). You see this with young teenage girls that find tampons painful, her mom/female friends don’t says “that’s ok, you’re not meant for that and you’ll probably hate getting fucked even more than most, the primary organ of female pleasure is the clitoris (hands girl anatomically correct medical drawing of the external and internal structure of the clitoris)” . NO, they tell her “you’re just doing it wrong”/” it won’t hurt once you get used to it”/ “a little pain is better than wearing diapers like a baby!!!” Analogous ( or the exact same!) gaslighting of girls occurs when it comes to accepting the pain of “sex”, with the punishment for non-compliance far worse and wide-ranging.

    Yes, I do not get NT non-lesbian women’s ease of compliance, to the detriment of the very bottom of Maslow’s pyramid of needs in terms of physical safety. The drive towards physical pleasure and away from physical pain which operates in every animal, human or not, seems to have been thwarted in most of these women. That’s how powerful lifelong patriarchal conditioning is.

    I’ve read trust your perceptions (brilliant!) and all the chemicals in the “dudegoo” (heh!) explains so much towards explaining these issues, as does cannabis refugee esq’s (also brilliant) theory on trauma bonding. I wonder if early 90’s feminism (before sexay fun feminism hijacked it in the late 90’s) was able to come about in part because young unmarried women who were getting PiV’d were not getting biochemically-altering “sperm boosters” on the regular because of the AIDS epidemic being seen as potentially affecting the poor het men, who therefore upped their condom usage. Then, in 1996, the new drugs came out, the disease receded from the spotlight, penises went back to pronging sans condom, PiV’d women get jizzed in, and whammo–feminism becomes “just say yes!!! Consent is sexxay!”


    1. The Intact rape organ has the magic of the foreskin bunching up against the sensitive opening& it causes small, slow,movement. That kind,s worked for me with myself. +prevents tearing becoming rammed post-partum.

      Orgasms don;t tell the whole story though,do they? There;s a real overfocus on them, i find .Downside of not cutting :condoms slip off if u;re not used to handling this type of prodding sticks

      Also,the conundrum is thus:
      If it doesn’t feel as bad, u;d be likely to want it more often ,if you aren’t permitted another outlet.My Grams enjoyed herself into 2 kids+5 abortions before going cold turkey 🦃


  4. One question about your mom not getting it: what does she say when you ask her why she still gets pronged despite all the pain she’s suffered and little (or more likely, no) orgasms?


  5. She immediately puts up a wall and kneejerks that she doesn’t share my views to that extent. Which is all very odd because she’s a really clever woman (both life and academic). She goes far enough in her thoughts to acknowledge that dudes are superfluous in the reproductive scheme of things (a really radical point!)…but stops just short of PIV. The dudegoo is that strong.

    The tampon thing is a uniquely USian. Pads are OK everywhere else and toxic shock via tampon is known. I only tried to put a tampon in once and failed.

    Different vaginal struture expains why there are unicorn-rare women who don’t find labour pain all that bad.

    The condom insight is incredible. Condoms 1st became widely used in the 2nd half of the 19th century – at the same time as the 1st Wave!! You’re really onto something here!

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    1. Circumcision is an evil genius method of making intercourse even more miserable than it already is naturally for female beings. I always found the hygiene reason to be suspect; I mean – since when have men ever cared for hygiene?! It’s not accident that its advent came with ABrahamic religions and is still a must in 2.5 of them.

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  6. Now that we’re on an anatomical roll here: Thanks for that clitoral explanation! I now get why my masturbation technique works best on the labia slowly. I proceed to the clit nub only to finish off.

    Aren’t there clitoral tenticles going into the top few cm of the vagina? The only spot that registers sensitivity?


  7. From the models I saw (on a woman named Jessica Pin’s site–she is trying to petition obgyns and surgeons to put the full model of the clit into medical textbooks to no avail of course) there is the hood and nub, and 4 external legs which extend, 2 on each side, into the labia. My guess is, there is a wide range of distance between the entire structure of the clit and the vagina in various females (ie, in some the two parts are close, in others they are very far with the vagina being closer to the anus than the clit) it explains why some find any penetration useless and painful (especially if the vagina is also narrow and short in addition to being far from the clit) while others have sensitivity in the first few cm. I do think that none of us were anatomically meant to be dick-rammed.

    Check out for drawings that make total sense, and explain female sexual response in a way that the male-led medical industry (and their female handmaidens, who obviously like lying back and thinking of England/screaming in pain which their Nigels’ think is pleasure) does not want to be public knowledge.


  8. The thing about your mom putting up a wall is SO SIMILAR to how past female friends of mine talking about sex with dudes responded when I questioned them, no matter what their level of acquaintance with feminist thought. “I don’t share your views”…How can wanting orgasm and not wanting physical pain, being treated like a toilet, or deadly, life-ruining, or physically or mentally disabling consequences be a “view”?

    Can you imagine if the male and female sexual situations were wholly reversed? No male would EVER submit to a pronging. He’s sooner die.


    1. We are absolutely not designed for pronging. Female DNA is traced back 15000 years; male – only 50000. For 2/3 of existence we must’ve been parthenogenic. Our bodies r designed to be satisfied by other women & ourselves

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