To male therapist


I wrote this to a psychologist dude that told me I had rigid thinking upon discovering my Womens Lib beliefs and lack of desire to pair up with an Xy:

My feminist thinking is not rigid because I have spent 2 + decades of my life researching, observing, thinking, considering every possible theory and viewpoint on why this non-stop sex class terrorism exists…before I came to the conclusions I have now. I am exhausted of beating my head against the wall in polite discussions with men and colonised women and refuse to do it anymore. Rosa Parks was similarly exhausted when she refused to give up her seat for a white man. She was too tired after going the accepted polite activist route for years. This is why my opinions come across as “rigid”. They are not black and white – I just acknowledge the ugly unvarnished reality and I’m tired. This rebel nature might not even have anything to do with my autism – it could just be amplified by it. After all – my mother is a natural radfem as well (unschooled in feminist theory).

Rosa Parks: She wrote that it took a “major mental acrobatic feat” to survive as a black person in the United States. Highlighting that it was “not easy to remain rational and normal mentally in such a setting,” she refused to normalize the ability to function under American racism.

This is exactly how it is with sexism, but x1000 times worse because it’s been happening since the dawn of time and everywhere on Earth. Most female humans survive by putting up a wall of cognitive dissonance and they normalize this hellish reality because they can’t stop it. I will never do that and it’s women like me that were burnt during the witch trials and slaughtered when they managed to successfully live away from men. You said I should look away from it periodically for my mental health and I wish I could. Problem is that there’s nowhere you can find escape from it because misogyny is in the very air that we breathe. It’s in the very foundation of human society.

You asked whether I had studied philosophy last time and I’ve covered all the traditional big names in my degree. 99% of them turned out to be grotesque misogynists (the 1% consists of Engels and John Mills) who equated ‘male nature & conditioning’ with ‘human nature’. They were dudes that sat around writing stuff that supported the patriarchal status quo and shitting on women, who birthed them and slaved away meeting their practical needs + wants, thus allowing the oh –so important thinkers to do nothing but Think (with their privileged blinkers on).  This happens even in remote tribes where women run around doing the work to enable the ‘wise men’ to laze around doing superfluous ‘sacred’ things).  Even worse – they might’ve actually stolen womens’ ideas (there’s a well-established tradition of that).