Against reformism

I’m so, SO done with the socialization theory. Only women are socialised into the patriarchy. Men just get bribed and permitted to let their messed up nature run wild. They have all the power > they can change the rules at any moment. There are no aliens dictating patriarchy to them. So we’re seeing men in their natural shape. The very fact that lib fem malestream latched onto the conditioning theory = proof that it’s useless and is just a stalling tactic.

To me, the most important 2 goals are:

1) Fine tune the Kaguya male-free reproductive tech. Spread the word about the awful truth behind the Y chromosome.

2)Undo heterosexual programming in women. Beyond cyclical reproductive urges – it’s pure brainwashing. The only natural het female mode is “Slam, bam, thank you Mister!” at best. That’s if you self-preservation instinct and disgust doesn’t completely override any desire to touch them. “Born this way” needs to be done away with for good in regard to “straight” women. It was very successful as a lesbian rights political tool, but it also stunted womens’ lib thinking and has become a “divide and rule” tactic between lesbians and other women. We also need to unearth womens’ real sexuality, sensuality + related female bonding as related to them under all that patriarchal rubble. To do that, EVERYTHING about the current perspective on sex +romance must be scrapped and identification with men as default setting must be undone. That includes sympathy for them in any setting.

3)Develop a female barter economy. This idea came to me after becoming disabled and discovering just how woeful the disabled service sector is thanks to being very female-dominated on both sides. Redirect the unpaid and low-paid work women do for men towards women who are too poor to purchase this work. Currently we’re doing most of the world’s work FOR MEN for free, while leaving most of our sisters in poverty and the fat male cats hogging the proceeds from our labour. I guess this is a sort of female socialism.



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