Straight-jacket for female intelligence

Thanks for joining me, radical sisters and all who’re still in the process of enlightenment. I build on the work of other anti-reformist radical feminist bloggers Witchwind and FCM (Femonade). Our work needs to keep spiralling, so I’m adding my contribution.

We all know from mainstream feminism about how girls/womyn suppress their intelligence to impress boys/men and how little we female people are represented in STEM and academia. We also know that girls kick butt at school and uni regardless of the roadblocks put in front of them (for millennia!) and how much more they would kick it if education was even remotely female-centric. What occurred (and shocked!) me recently is the sheer extent of this suppression of female smarts by following dogmatic, hollow male model of education and the censorship of female thought by thinking about the history of my own smarts:

I was considered a gifted kid at age 5, which made me start school a year yearly. By early adulthood I had kicked a mountain-pile of academic butt: 3 degrees, 4 languages,  head of the class/school/state consistently, and a gamut of very pleased teachers.

…And yet none of this ever felt like I’m using the full extent of my brains. For example: I was always marked down on essays for my  ‘overly creative’ writing style. I had to constantly reign myself in, stop my words spiralling and flowing (not that I knew this Daly terminology then) and make everything deliberately stale and literal. I had to extract all the passion  and humour out of my writing and leave a dry carcass behind – that’s what got me top grades. Exactly like how dudes love it and what Mary Daly called ‘academentia‘ (again- didn’t know this in my pre-radfem dark ages).

When I learnt a language, I used my photographic memory of a written word to etch the image into my brain, thus had no need for spelling rules.  I used my aforementioned well of passion to get obsessed with pop culture in that language, facilitating lighting fast absorption. My intense concentration and limitless capacity for retainment of facts was used for everything else. But again – this didn’t gel with the formal dude-centric model of language instruction.

It wasn’t until I became absorbed in the absolute treasure that is true radical feminist thought and engagement with women espousing it – that I finally could use all of my gifts together in a way that fit me and expanded my intelligence beyond the horizons I was trained into by bro-education. It feels like my head and my passion finally feel ALIVE. My critical thinking (while always active) became ON FIRE. Men try to emulate female thought spinning with the absolutely pathetic and paralyzing “brain-storming”. We all know how that well works…

As you can see from this piece – I still have a way to go in letting go of mens’ limiting writing tools. This here is an orderly mini-essay with all the correct punctuation and paragraph structure. And it’s far too darn polite for the true despair and firey rage I feel as a Womens Libber. But I have a feeling I’ll get there,








2 thoughts on “Straight-jacket for female intelligence

  1. i just read your entire blog from finish to start. i want to thank you sincerely for writing it. you’ve inspired me & it feels like some solace in this hell world that there are other women out there who understand…sometimes i feel i’m going crazy thinking about this stuff. everything on this planet is backwards and upside down. i get distraught sometimes thinking about how the world could be if men weren’t in charge of it–all the potential we throw away to be ‘content’ in mensworld. i don’t know how much longer i can stand it.

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    1. Glad to help! SInce i started seeing things clearly, i honestly wake up every day *wondering if we’re trapped in some kinda Twilight Zone hell dimension*, because my dreams feel more real & make more sense than this “reality”

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