Solve for seX


FGM is classic example of male uber-lying. The pricks knew exactly what the clit is for & how far into labial structure it spreads ,, millenia back. Ours pretended ignorance until yesterday. The most extensive forms of FGM excise all the sensitive tissue under effect of clitoral arms. I’ve no doubt that the less severe practitioners use the extreme ones as “lookie here, we’re being kind!” in the same manner that FGM in general is used on us – unmutilated ‘clitoris-havers’.

Our males’re ‘benevolent’ to let us keep ours, but then use them against us. Without them, orgasms’d just be a tension release button to end female bonding sessions (like bonobos). They’d be no neuro-plastic desire for ‘sex’. I harp on about this cos I still can’t believe just HOW neuro-plastic it is.

..Until I went full feminazi – I was climbing walls since age 17 ( I even drugged myself with Prozac for a bit (it kills libido stone cold). Yet the moment that I shifted to a SCUM mentality > it was like a spell instantly lifted

(the potion consisted of being bombarded with sex posie stimulus since before you hit puberty & then being just frustrated enough to keep feeding the loop < hoping for satisfaction).

And this is without ever being drawn into the infamously addictive ((&laced with misery +diminishing returns like all addictions) loop of intercourse !!!! Western +western influenced females run around like hamsters in wheels from dawn till dusk of their lives as men deprive us of every other pleasure & thus make us feel every ecstasy & desire for it as a sexual thing.

I once had a head massage that felt so pleasurable that made me confused (cos ‘sexual’ is elevated above all tactile pleasure, thus anything this good MUST be a sex thing).

Of course Valerie saw this too – and condensed it down to a single sentence in SCUM. Once you break the loop – you still experience the hormonal peaks, but they feel like a beastly male invasion. – they’re not pleasant anymore and you recoil from everything sexual as a gross thing (yes, you become a ‘prude’). BUt, but,- you still crave sensual contact denoted as sexual by males (eg. nipple stimulation or neck kissing). Hell, you can simulate “Sexual” stimulus with a stream of water of the right pressure!

Think carefully without male lens:


Who handed down the dictate of those electrically pleasurable actions as belonging to SEX? And what is SeX, really, once you take PIV out of it?


Also consider this:

Males AREN’t sexual beings. Their single-minded obsession with their appendage & emptying it into orifices stems from their chromosomal programming of self-perpetuation @ all costs. The pleasure they get from it is SECONDARY & there to motivate them into the act – like eating tasty food is a pleasure motivating nutrition. Men are not sexually motivated by beauty or sensuality…which leaves, er, what exactly? Their genitals & their function is so instinctively gross to us > that it’s clearly not designed to stimulate sexual pull in us either.


Add those 2 things up & solve for SEX.


Holistic connection to women is the Y in this. I’ve experienced such overwhelming desire to connect with specific girls+ women in any form that I’ve tossed up possibility of being bi younger. It was extra confusing , as it was both a physical & mental pull; + getting female bodies shoved in your face all the time for the male gaze makes you only consider them as erotic. AS in ” female beauty +energy + personality=sex”


Like every other wacky radfem thought out there —- this one isn’t an original creation of mine. It’s already been put forward by the wonderfully wacky Sonia Johnson

However, it really has to be experienced personally to be believed & pushed thru your own maze of experience & resistance from the trifecta of camps who unite according to the enemy of my enemy principle:

(1) conservatives; 2)sex posies; 3) radical lesbians*


*Not lesbian radfems. Just those who don’t question the sexual| sensual context outside of lesbian experience, & how it fits into overall puzzle


As a deep introvert, I also find the sexy-sexy universe to be stressful. My perfect state is that of not being full to the brim of energy which demands to be released NOW NOW now. And which leaves you, well,, blue (post orgasm come-down in women, or more often orgasm-less frustration) + silly about the resources you spent on the ridiculousness of it all. And it is inherently ridiculous (picture rutting animals). Once you take away males – it minuses the violence, but not their ridiculous imbedded presence in the fabric & concept of it.


Thus I hazard a guess that lesbians do not magically exist outside of this neuro-plastic cycle of enforced sexual algebra, or so-called asexuals.

aaaand I’ll add a genuinely original wacky thought of my own. I’m TrustYourPerceptions’ biggest fan and have directed to her outstanding genetic analysis repeatedly. I also use it as inspiration for my out-there evolutionary theories.

So here’s one:

If men have the bio-influence to synch our menstrual cycles (for women living together), what if sex drive hormones are their doing too? & that they’re overlaid on top of our intense non-sexual sensuality >confusing us into thinking that we want males (or even ourselves) via “sex”. After all – libido is produced by testosterone + peaks twice in our cycle : once precisely when dudes need it – Ovulation &

again @ menstruation (is this also for their timing??)





No siree, I’m not anxious-depressed; I have Patriarchal Intolerance Fatigue

It’s the new BPD in town! Really! Let’s call it PIF, shall we?

The latest episode in inducing my PIF is denial of disabled assistance…based on being a hysterical female _ belonging to the class of illnesses such as Fybromyalgia, auto-immune, ME. Even sharing the same diagnosis as many males who DO get support doesn’t help cause I have Lady Autism*

*clearly not as big + important as the male kind, 
which when not catered to, sends its patients a tinsy bit nuts
on the rapey-murdery scale affecting Eurydice Dixons of this world.

You see, having ovaries = I only have a spot of HFA(high-functioning autism). It’s  compounded with crippling female socialization (IE. raised to be an invisible ghost-like servant without a body, mind or need & wants). Certainly not one that become chronically sick and isn’t trained to ask for help for herself.

.,.this results in me being unable to ask for assistance when I topple from my walker in a public space due to unbelievably idiotic design of said space. You know what happens then? First thing I do while struck by intense pain & fear of serious injuries is not to yell for help + swear. Oh no. Gotta be ladylike 1st. So I pull down my skirt!!!!!!!!%$#@! Once I do gently ahoy, I still can’t get the staff to push my walker out to car & fold it up. So I do it myself, quietly screaming & beating myself up for being unable to push the boulder of female ‘niceness’ (oppression) off myself + feeling nauseous from effort *& anger.

Being a woke woman HURTS. sO very bad. It’s like Locked in Syndrome. Now I have  bodily injuries to add to my mental pain, which I acquired from men banging me up without ever laying a finger on me: they don’t always have to, you see – their systems do the job for them. `It’s being sane in insane word & carrying around internal Hannibal Lector suit to prevent you from screaming in pain from that knowledge. I have a ground down tooth with stripped enamel from repressing my rage. Turns out that it’s a common female dental phenomenon.

Cherryblosomlife in the Radfem Hub archives wrote a beautiful last piece Life and death of Virginia Woolf describing this exact phenomenon: of women desperately staving off becoming woke to avoid this misery& burden. So female non-misfits spend their lived “depressed” (harbouring repressed anger) + take it out on us woke misfits. When we explain the reason for their state|they shoot the messenger [you]& go on sticking their heads in the sand while abusing you harder. _________________________

I’m so damn tired of dealing with ostriches drowning in internalized chauvinism AND tired of busting my gut fruitlessly trying to extricate their heads from the sand while they peck me.

Guess what the saddest thing is? It’s that I and other elemental radicals are not naturally depressive people. I know for a fact that I’m not.  This is precisely why I hate living in a depressive world fostered by anti-life beings. It never ceases to amaze me how I still come back like a phoenix from a typical female life of:



being used as a punching bag for other womens’ oppression


gaslighting (that there’s something wrong with ME and not this utterly bonkers world)


MAN-made illness

suppression of my talents & smarts

,,.and STILL manage to juice something enjoyable of this half-life. My existence can be summarized as: “This doesn’t add up. Where do I find info that does? OOH, it’s hidden away on the womens’ dark web (elemental radfem blogs). But I’m not supposed to believe those evil man-haters. Well, it’s too late. What to do now?”

See the source image


























It never happens any other way


The title was uttered by the time-traveller in Dirk Gently’s after a classic time paradox loop > he caused the disaster he was trying to fix from the future. He says this in a sad, deflated, scratchy voice…
This is a perfect reindition of the trajectory of the Mans’ world. The bio-catastrophy we’re facing isn’t an error or by-product. It simply never happened any other way.

Contemplating the coming year 2019 really makes me despondent and resigned on how many more years we will see on this planet. The figure for self-destruction of Y chromosome is 4.6million years. The reality is that we don’t have even 4.6 decades. There’s no guarantee on 4.6 months in fact. The human Y has been so industrious that It exceeded its’ 5 year plan with Honours of excellence in all round death & female suffering.

When it happens – it was never meant to happen any other way. It was programmed to happen 400 million years ago with the birth of maleness in sharks. Female sharks have retained the ability of parthenogenesis when kept apart from males for a long time – 2 have reproduced this way in 2 separate zoos in the past decade. We human XXs have the ability to to do it through several technologies, or maybe even naturally once males leave the picture. Of course They never will. Trust Your Perceptions has described how they’re bypassing the drastic fall in sperm count to 10% of preWWII level via fertility clinics.

It’s not a matter of IF anymore. It hasn’t been since advent of industrialisation a mere 2.5 centuries ago – the beginning of the end. The film Take Shelter captures my emotion vividly. In it a father experiences visions of the world’s end, makes preparations which are dismissed as szichophrenic. In the end his deaf daughter shows it to be real.
The novel Flight behaviour accomplishes the same thing on paper. Monarch butterflies signal the coming of colossal landslide just as protagonist manages to sort out her human troubles & begin her life in the ruins of coerced marriage & chilbearing. Both projects capture the crazy-making atmosphere of being the lone truth-teller/seer of the impeding apocalypse. The male character in the film knows it through instinct < The female one in book sees it via environmental science.
The movie Melancholia has the same pattern & subject. The latter has a fem. bent as the woman’s depression is so clearly just perception of reality & its’ logical catastrophic end. We all know how psychiatry is built on pathologising womens’ truth-seeing + reaction. Whereas the superficial interpretation is that she’s simply upset by her newlywed male spouse leaving her.

The truth is out there and it’s so obvious. Notice how 4 projects I’ve listed were all produced in the last 6 years and all flew under the radar. The films were artsy indies that brought in no money, with only 1 accolade for Melancholia in Cannes for the actress’ performance. Dirk Gently’s saw bad ratings by culty niche standards and was cancelled after 2 short seasons. The novel was swept under the Tree Hugger blanket.

Artists FEEL it in their bones thanks to their sensitivity.
Scientists KNOW it via their data.
We all SEE it when we witness & get sick from the pollution; + plastic-fantastic consumption all around us.
We live on the Titanic that has already hit the iceberg..but the musicians’re still playing. Like Dido sang: We will go down with this ship.

.]~and the Ys will masturbate furiously to the doom…


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Julia ` Matriarch (Po5)


Before Julia gets her famous abortion-come-miscarriage, the following chain of events happens:

1)Her bf’s mother grills her on the true nature of P in V action: “It’s the girl that get stuck with the consequences”. The mum then experience the bad surprise of a middle-aged knock-up. The scene takes place in the toilet and is the most honest on this subject ever seen on TV:

The previously full-of-life mother comes out of the stall ill and in despair. She says to Julia that she teased Julia’s mum about her last child at age 44 and that you need to be “so careful” and still can’t prevent it. Is IT the Loch Ness monster pulling down innocent females and knocking them up? Oh no. It’s the cleverly contrabanded past censorship spotlight on compulsory intercourse at all ages.

2)Julia does listen. She tries to put the breaks on horny bf’s advances and lays it out rationally: “Contraception isn’t full proof. What would we do if we ended up the fools?”. Horny bf brushes past it and Julia ends up very much knocked up depsite all the ‘carefullness’.

3) When Julia’s planning the termination, Charlie come to reassure her by telling her a story of his gf’s abortion in college and that it’s no big deal. Julia points out that he has no idea whether it was no big deal for the girl as he hasn’t kept in touch with her.



It’s repeated enough times to sink in: 5 is too many kids, 3 is too few bedrooms & 44 is too late for another baby. The siblings range from 24 to 1 in age. The matriarch started out her youth in glorious fashion: as a Stanford educated violin prodigy during the most radical time of the 2nd wave – late 60s. Alas, she did not take heed of the femmy wind blowing and got herself on the marriage & breeding assembly line.

She started out slow: with 1 child in the 1st 8 years. After this the next 3 kids sort of tumbled out one after another. At the 3 child stage, Mama had a mini-Lib moment and resurrected her music talents making a few recordings. She soon quit and went back to dutiful babymaking. During this time the patre familia turned to alcoholism (or perhaps always had indulged). He screamed at her, needed rides to work as he left his car there from drinking & did things to her darkly hinted at. It’s safe to assume that it was a spot of marital rape *legal at the time, and threat of violence that she tiptoed around & trained the kids to do the same. Any of those siblings could be rape babies. I’d guess All 3 middle ones. The violent male appeasement training went to Julia’s head and she ended up with a wife-beater bf.

She threatened to leave him> the padre went cold turkey on his drinking and everything went love-dovey. So dovey in fact, that Marital Rapist spend his work lunches at home engaging in more baby-making. This resulted in final pregnancy at age 44. It seems like only menopause would;ve saved Mama from the merry-go-round of childbirth that left her with a weak bladder (yay sneaked in reality!). It was not to be – Mama died in a car wreck 6 months later and never got to enjoy her post-menopausal life free of baby machine duties. But who knows?.maybe death was a more peaceful choice for her.

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Kicking off my PARTY OF 5 series

Po5 is a beloved show of mine. I appreciated it even more when its’ marvellously disgraced lame-o of a lead actor called it ‘written for women’ as a criticism.
Sneaky, sneaky rad-femmy anti-family messages (in a quintessential family show!) elevate it from warm &culty to masterpiece for me. There’s a surprising amount of under-handed PIV  & unglossed over female realities of it hiding in plain sight % not hiding altogether.

You don”t need to have seen the show ~ batteries (*detailed recaps) are included in the analysis bundle.

CHARLIE @ DAUGHTER The grand whiner Charlie reproductively coerced a sweet, tragic and my favourite character – Daphne. This cheerful young lady was almost killed from neglect by her mama before she remembers herself. She strips as 1 of her odd jobs and gets pronged by Charlie sans condom via him pulling the sympathy card: he wanted to feel alive after cancer, you see. Asshat… Daphne is adamant at not continuing with the resulting knock-up. She explains that she won’t survive financially and she’s not mother material: neither strippers nor Disney princesses at kids parties are hired with bellies. To this Charlie pulls another sympathy card and talks her into having the kid and handing HIM over to Charlie to raise (he never considers a girl…) This is the moment that traps Daphne into a cascade of misery and near death. She agrees without asking for surrogacy compensation. Instead she moves in with Charlie to be a live in breeding cow. Late in the gestation they have a fall-out (caused by his hyper-control of ehr pregnant habits ‘for the baby’s sake’) and she leaves to crash on a musician’s couch. That dude is just as inhospitable as there is no place for an unowned life-creating woman in this dudely anti-life world. Daphne returns to her breeding pen with her tail between her legs since she has nowhere else to go. Things escalate from here [ Daphne gets put on bed rest, which she does her best to resist and defend her right to Life via not being a compliant baby vessel. Alas, Babydaddy & male DR. prevail. She gets diagnosed with a life-threatening “complication” (too mild a word) & Charlie supposedly has to choose between her & kids’ life. It’s a false choice cause they must immediately operate anyhow. Daphne & baby make it by a hair’s width \ she thanks him for not sacrificing her life as baby vessel!! She then gets put throught the ringer of compulsory breast-feeding. Here too she keeps asserting that she’s a Person_not a milk machine. Same follows with the coerced motherly duties which Charlie promised she would not have to do!! She learns how to do it all but she still finds motherting oppressive…. ………………….Here comes the singlest boldest TV choice ever>>>>>>Daphne choose to walk away! & not get treated as a harpie/monster/undutiful woman!!! Well, that sure as hell didn’t last. Turns out that Daphne actually had a mental hangover resulting from her other near death from neglect as a toddler, ~which she forgot\blocked out. Once she acknowledges this, she eventually comes back to co-parenting the girl. She faces money problems stemming from the child & her own free-spirited nature with an undestroyed female soul `not for lack of trying on phallocracy’s part. She momentarily returns to stripping before finding her girl a stepdaddy & riding off into an actual sunset on camera.. What’s ground-breaking about this whole story is that both the actress & the writers are in on the radical sneakiness. Actress plays her as a beaten down, but miraculously not broken female soul *who does her best to enjoy life from the scraps thrown to her by male systems. She never stops telling it like it is *ie. the Female Truth of reproductive & financial imprisonment. In the end she manages to find herself a wee bit more comfortable of a cell. The creators got away with this by making her a distant hippie variation & relying on the one of a kind| high brow status of the show. The series is the quintessential sleeper hit, which scraped by on its’ fervent female audience that wouldn’t quit in petioning to keep it alive. This under the radar niche let it get away with a miraculous amount of womans’ POV. The other ways: they cast a supremely likable actress bound to be brought back by popular demand + made a concession with a Prince Charming ending + coming around to enthusiastic motherhood.

They also lucked out with the timing: mid-90s were the last period when serious feminism was out in the open.

From start to finish, Daphnes bodily & whole autonomy is overriden. Charlie
<overrides her condom request
<overrides abortion
<overrides no breast-feeding
<overrides Daphne not raising girl despite that being the initial hook!
<overrides name choice
<overrides gradual descent into co-parenting

Institutional control of womens’ bodies helps him along way:
#Economic survival rigged against unzombified single women & even more so against those with engaged uteruses (Daphne can’t afford to end the pregnancy OR to keep going)
#Medical & social establishment places baby’s bodily autonomy over mother’s
#Socialisation entrapment in letting him go ahead without protection
#The much maligned by me Straight Propaganda TM involving her with Charlie
#Anatomical entrapment of heavy pregnancy (Daphne cant’ move to pick up phone when couch-surfing)

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