Gay for Grandma

When Marnie was There is a animation which is …..

let me explain it so:

U know how watching malestream entertainment leaves u hollow & craving somethin actually female in nature. yet u dunno what it is as u’ve never seen it.

That’s what Marnie is * a bombshell of female-ness in every way. So much so that an esctatic girl -reviewer hyper-ventillated every response on a long poscast without ONCE mentioning the mary-Dalyesque nature of it. Because she insctinctively feels it yet has no framework to word it in. best she could come up with 0is the girl protagonists being gay, which not only the twist negates , but it’s sad that such female intimacy+lack of feminine straight-jacket on 1 of them computes only that way

It’ a ghost-story but with unusual supernatural mechanics.

Hell hath no wrath like Canadian scorned


Entitled Blackie teams with Entitled Fag to screw Euro-woman over. As rus.’s say: ” Picked wrong one to pick on😠😡😧

Eric just about outright told her that it was done solely for sake of Diversity TM . well, Meggie refused to roll over & take it like a good karen. She raised hell & now put this team in pre-Olympic jeopardy

sKATIN’ IS still Big ⚽⛸it’s all else that got small


a foray into some musing stemming off the re-blogged material+ my essays on bio-het impulses+choices

I’ll start w. this as guy’s important in aforementioned musing


YEP, they displayed nerves of steel & went in to their 1st Worlds while skating to Queen’s “ we’re the champions”. Yeah,REALLY . & they won ! 1st time in 8 years for Rus ; being youngest in 35 years

I dare u not to have “Mamma, oooooooh’ now associated w. this theatrical lunge forever more

Sasha-the-lovely here is a reformist’s wet dream, while being wholly a [wonky] bio-creation. He’s exactly like the Mexican i discussed before: a male who seems to have had his Y put on deep freeze in womb,\{only a teeny-tiny tail sticks out above ground & wiggles around now& then}

Both of them ‘re nothing but the odd faulty product rolled off the parasitical assembly line. Both possess a sort of energetic +otherwise female-likeness (not to be confused w. androgyny or hormonal femininity). They’re clearly, unmistakably dudes, but they’re so human-like that it’s hard to believe those bulges’re attached to their bodies. I believe that development like this must be occuring during gestation. It’s simply too late after. Naturally occuring Effeminacy or androgyny results later on, during puberty, i believe & has no effect on the male-pattern brain formation, which was already plenty damaged by in-mother testosterone surge

I also fathom that their high-level good looks’re+ peacock talents’re Y’s compensation for their low-level fuckery. meaning that they don’t have it in them to force themselves on an X – so they’re built to entice, nicely. & boy is there some intense compensation going on here. Kiddo’s such an expressive, perfect 10-er that he still looks un-fathomably photogenic while looking like a sad puppy here…really not a face-scruncher

Important to note just how favourable their circumstances ‘re. While Sasha’s doesn’t have a millionaire daddy like jAime – he’s still awful lucky to be born in a FS Mecca , where he was put on ice as a toddler without masculine fears that his D might fall off; to be raised by a balerina mama; to find a partner with enough wisdom to know what kind of ‘treasure ‘ she stumbled into ( because he is for her, knowing this discipline) etc. etc. He gets to live the super-easy life of a man, while having capacities approximating a woman’s earth-bound kind.

When they occur once in 2 billion, such men ;re MISTAKES. pleasant freaks of nature – antithesis of a properly functioning Y. because it’s not in interest of parasites to make their hosts healthy & happy …yet this is exactly what this wee lad does. This no. here made me watch Ghost. Look @ how gently & safely he handles girl in these very hazardous acrobatic lifts

They portray death of Isadora Duncan (inventor of modern dance)

Back to WHy he’s a 10 & residing on the north pole to Benedict’s south:

because he’s top-down CORRECT in his entire form. Flawless . A fancy, pricey bridal dress in a genetic shop window.

Chapter Two: Heterosexuality/Selling Out Is Not Compulsory

Women have far more power than they take responsibility for, and that power keeps patriarchy going. Men could not do it on their own. (And no, het women are not sacrificing themselves, as some het feminists’ fantasize in order to explain their own collaboration. Het women literally could bring down patriarchy now.)

Bev Jo -- Radical Lesbian Feminist writing

                                                  Chapter Two

How Patriarchy Uses Heterosexual and Bisexual Women against Lesbians

            Heterosexuality/Selling Out Is Not Compulsory

                                                          Bev Jo

(This is the latest update of what had been our original Chapter Two,  by Bev Jo with Linda and Ruston, which included The Crimes of Mankind, now updated to be our new Chapter One.

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Chapter Seven: Motherhood: The Ultimate Feminine Role

Bev Jo -- Radical Lesbian Feminist writing

Chapter Seven: 

Motherhood: The Ultimate Feminine Role

Bev Jo
Linda Strega

(Originally published in 1990, I, Bev, have updated this to share online.)

Radical Feminism is about questioning everything we are taught is sacred and unquestionable in patriarchy, from male religion to every other male dictate for females. Radical Feminism means understanding all male cons in both the political and personal, exploring the political effects of each personal decision, and knowing what choices are possible. Motherhood is one of the most important foundations of patriarchy, yet we are taught that choosing it means becoming woman supreme.

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downside of ethnic quality

is that coding runs only on X.

Y remains uniformly dreadful across board

worse still : when u give that Y a superior X to latch onto >

= disaster

as the worst a parasite can possibly be is via intelligence which amps up its’ destructrive quality to max.

it’s no accident that nukkes’re a product of a bunch of light-skinned Ys

remaining mired in animalism is what prevented other Ys from achieving same

ok, Pooja 🐱‍🚀u won me over {latest chronicle on ethnic roots)

Is She the Next Michelle Kwan … or Thomas Edison? – OZY | A Modern Media Company

I’m offering up a chant to Ice Gods for this comet to master the Quad (element which set up a Russian clone army of of hardly pubescent jumping beanstalks* ,barring everybody else from podiums)

That way she’d stand fighting chance of pulling off an upset. Please, Pooja -keep trying

reason no.1 for why i fell for Pooja is contained in above vid: She mentions her skin tone, but she’s not precious about it & actually understands dif. between it & race, also listing after being Arkansian& saying nothing about ‘wah, mean whitie’

2nd reason’s here. She fundamentally hears beating heart of FS. U can sense that in her work

out of only 3 dark-skinned female skaters i know of ~she;s the 1st who can skate & do theatricality. 2 others were black & were essentially acrobats on blades. Moreover, racism card was pulled over + over w. them

I didn’t expect aesthetic effect of mocha skin against ice to be so pleasing either. It’s quite a revelation, also allowing for brown as a costume colour. I mentioned the Euro-East-Asian stranglehold over this sport being telling as (sub)racial traits’re not superficial. It;s not light skin , or slanted eyes which translate into this sort of high-grade capability,. It’s the attached hormones, drive, mentality, muscle density, bones, impulse control + 1 biiiiiiiig quality of


esoteric, I know. Yet real. Great artists, perfectionists, gifted XXs in general, notion of civilisation, shamans, people w. brain damage or witchy qualities of various sorts, real philosophers, core of religion underneath dude-crap; all hold onto an invisible thread leading to same endeavour

of getting beyond animalistic state of this sucky material world. Some ethnic bands tend to do so a lot better than others & done so thru history. Males lag far behind in them, but still score higher above beastly others who don’t try

then comes in simple practical skill for making life comfy. Much like beavers being hydraulic engineers, who damb rivers for purpose of long-term food supply & build complex housing structures ~certain human genetics carry such capacity in their DNA code.

What throws spanner in works ○( ^皿^)っ is Vienna diagram of overlapping XX ability over-riding low-grade Dna program. There;re plenty of individual cases of this happening, but no group of females has amassed enough no.s matching Euro-altruism & overcoming tribalism & depth of feminist philosophy+ action

Qualities which go far enough prove impossible to weed out. Russkies’re pathological drunks stemming back 10,000 years – from invention of alcohol around Black Sea. Some’re more recent & artificial . Extreme mindless arabesque violence ‘s product of multi-generational cousin in-breeding ,but that too is un-fixable. Level of T in both sexes is a reliable marker for assessing how far a batch of peeps travels on scale of Sapiens cleverness + eagerness across both spheres of the here & now _Beyond

SJWs rest on false premise of European qualities being nestled underneath thin layer of gamut of shades of skin + bone density ~thus ASSUming that silly realists’re too prejuidiced to see them. Well, in this act of Performative Moralism they make an Ass of U🧤Me

Back to Esoteria 🧣👑🧸

i lean towards possibility of Something akin to Garden of Eden either having once existed, or still being there there somewhere, on other plane. Take for example – concepts of charisma, chemistry & shivers produced by art hitting that special,,,,,…..something,……nameless …what is exactly? Ah, but it has no term, in spite of scores of ppl feeling it

I don’t rule out possibility of Schizophrenics actually hearing things from Elsewhere, over material rainbow. WHo knows? Truth is out there , me hearties. Genius of this melody is that it hit that spine-tingle viscerally